Wednesday, October 24, 2007

De-baddifying the Frap

So . . . . my dear, dear friends Jimbo and Anja sent me a care package that contained some Starbucks goodies (including the new Joni Mitchell CD - Shine).

I enjoy Starbucks coffee, but I've only been inside an actual Starbucks twice. I usually buy a bag of their coffee at the grocery store and brew it at my house. SO . . . it was a treat to go the other day with my little gift card (thanks again, Anja) and peruse the seemingly endless menu of coffees, teas, etc.

Blame it on my amazing ability to sniff out the very worst thing for me, but I innocently ordered a Java Chip Frappuccino®. God help me . . . . it was instant addiction.

Unfortunately, a few hours later, it was ALSO instant sugar coma.

When I came to, I looked up the stats on the little confection, and was stunned to see 59g of sugar and 73g of carbs. The only good news was that I didnt order the venti - that might have killed me.

I mourned for a day, finding something so good, yet so bad for me. Then . . . I decided to try to deconstruct it and rebuild it.

I did a little searching around online and found out that a small Java Chip Frap basically consists of:
1 tablespoon chocolate syrup
1 tablespoon chocolate chips
1 cup double-strength freshly brewed dark roast coffee
Chopped or crushed ice
Cream (I'm guessing)
Whipped cream
Chocolate syrup (for drizzle)

Just for kicks, I brewed up some super strong Starbucks coffee and let it cool. I had whipped cream on hand (whipped cream is low-carb friendly), and of course I had ice. I ALSO had sugarfree Hershey's chocolate syrup AND sugarfree dark chocolate Russell Stover chocolate squares.

I roughly chopped 2 chocolate squares into "chips" and got out my blender. I got 1/2 a glass of chopped ice from my fridge dispenser and began my little experiment. I dumped the ice and the coffee and a couple of packs of Splenda into the blender, along with the chocolate. After that whirred around, it started to resemble the drink I had enjoyed. I then added a splash of my International Coffee Sugar Free coffee creamer (I get that in the refrigerated section of the grocery, and they only make French Vanilla in sugar free form.)

With fingers crossed, I poured it into a glass, and topped it with Redi Whip heavy whipped cream and a drizzle of my sugarfree chocolate syrup, and I'll be damned, it was so close, it brought tears to my eyes.

There's still a few sugar/carb grams, but it's under 5, and I still get the kick of the coffee.

As I was sipping it, I thought about using one of my protein drinks next time, along with the coffee.

This probably bores most of you, but for me, it's like discovering pure gold.

I wonder if Starbucks would ever consider making these? That would be awesome!

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