Wednesday, July 8, 2009


He loves me.

I love him. Madly.

We laugh at the same jokes. Hell, we MAKE the same jokes.

We're from the same hometown.

We have the same lifelong friends.

We went to the same schools.

We're very nearly the same age, yet we've only just now connected in the beginning of the 5th decade of our lives. Better late than never.

It would have been tougher to have been any further from each other and still be in the same country. It was a huge step, but he believed in me and in us enough to change up everything and come back home to build a life with me and the kids.

And the dogs. He STILL maintains that chihuahuas aren't real dogs, though.

We're getting married. On November 14, 2009. In a church with a gown and flowers and weepy relatives and stunned onlookers that swore he never would and that I never would again.

I've been given another chance. With him.

I'm taking it.
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