Monday, October 1, 2007

I loves me some puppets!

After reading a very cool article in Creative Loafing (local ATL edition of cool stuff to do and see), I bought tickets to something called a "Puppet Slam".

I'd heard of poetry slams before, but never a puppet slam. This one was scheduled to start at midnight Saturday, and with no idea what to expect, Hub and I drove through Sweet Auburn to Little 5 Points to a place called Dad's Garage to witness the greatness.

It was a small 50-seat improv theater, so it was pretty intimate. The next hour was spent laughing loud at long at:

A pink "muppety" puppet singing Journey karaoke-style.

Stick puppets acting out the grisly, bloody story of one geek's drunken DragonCon escapade and subsequent escape from the emergency room
The Ballad of Beau

A monkey and robot team solving the world's greatest riddles and

A sadistic evil pumpkin rod puppet smashing sweet little trick or treaters into bloody messes

Just as I suspected it would be, it was perfection! Bless me Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, for I have sinned.

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