Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Diabetes!

Damn, it's already been a year since I got the news. Time flies.

In some ways, I'm alot better now than I was a year ago. I take my medications every day. I stay away from (most, not all) sugar. My numbers are better. My weight is (slightly) lower.

I think this year will bring bigger changes. I wasn't able to motivate myself to exercise this past year, which would have helped alot, but I have a few plans in place to rectify that. Hub is pretty much a superstar in the weightloss department - he's getting closer and closer to his goal weight, and has committed to helping me stay motivated and on track. We just bought an elliptical - it's being delivered this week. Also, I moved my office downstairs, so I climb at least 2 flights of stairs a day, sometimes more.

I made better choices this past year, and I got some good reports from the doctor.

I'd give myself a C+.

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