Saturday, February 9, 2008


What does one do when the spark is seemingly gone?

Why, get a makeover, of course!

I love this little blog, I swear I do, but I have not been motivated to post much of anything lately. I click on the page now and then, and see that familiar layout, and that same picture, and the same old fonts and the same old lists.

And then I end up posting the same 'ol dumb crap.

Where is the fire? Where is the intensity that we once had, in the early days, when I couldn't wait to create a new post? What happened to that woman that had to limit herself to a post a day?

I'm hoping that by making the blog look different, I'll be more eager to interact with it again, and I'll get the ol' creative juices flowing. Kind of like a bored husband putting a blonde wig and hooker shoes on his old saggy wife, I guess. Hope springs eternal.

You probably didn't need that image, I am guessing.

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