Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I had a dream . . . .

. . . last night.

Which is sort of strange, because I really NEVER dream.

This was kind of a good dream.

Wierd again, because when I DO have dreams, they are ALWAYS bad, or scary, or at the very least, just me trying to fight my way through confusion to accomplish some impossible task, or find some un-findable something or other.

THIS dream, however, was neither bad, scary or frustrating.

It was simple. Me and some unknown, but very nice and appealing man.

I'm not really sure of the entire dream, I just remember snippets of it. At one point, The Man and I were just talking and laughing, and it seemed like wherever we were, it was really sunny, and I remember feeling really happy and relaxed, and not anxious or worried or rushed, like I usually do. Then I remember following The Man onto a trolley or train of some kind, and he turned and lifted me up like a child and kissed me for a long, long, time.

Which is kind of neat, cause no one has EVER lifted me (seeing as I am a lifelong big girl.)

Maybe its a sign that I will finally get on the wagon and stay there and reach my goals this year.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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