Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2007 - The Recap

Alrighty . . . I think the last remnants of NYE have departed from my system, so I can objectively conduct a year in review . . . the good and the bad:

The Good

We saw the end of 2 (count 'em 2!) monthly car payments

I made some progress getting my house in order (dining room, clutter)

I got a promotion at work and I finally got my own office

Hub got a promotion and nice raise at work

We made more time for fun with old and new friends this year

The kids made new friends in the neighborhood

We made healthier choices this year - Hub lost a ton of weight, I monitored my sugar better, son started baseball, daughter became more active and we set up a home gym

We enjoyed a nice family vacation in Myrtle Beach

The Bad

My mom's cancer came out of remission

Secrecy, bad judgement and mistakes caused alot of needless pain this year

The saga of extended family dysfunction continued on its path

We didn't win the lottery

All in all, not bad.

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