Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random chat

Typical of the way we spend our days, believe it or not.

Rita: You know what is sort of delightful?
kirk: saw Zodiac last night
Rita: sitting on a heating pad
kirk: i think that would make me shit myself
Rita: (laughing)
kirk: if you havent seen it. its good
Rita: what, you shitting yourself?
Rita: I dont want to see that
Rita: but thanks anyway
kirk: why not?
kirk: its filmed (set) right in my backyard
Rita: ewwwwww
Rita: do you have a toilet back there?
kirk: shut up, i mean Zodiac
Rita: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Rita: (I have to blog this, sorry)
kirk: but if youre ever intersted http://www.kirkssloppyhole.com
Rita: Tease! That's not even a real site!
kirk: you clicked it?!
kirk: lol
Rita: That's how much I trust you
Rita: I can see now that trust is deeply misplaced
Rita: (good one, though)
Rita: It ALSO indicates how crazy I TRULY think you are
kirk: right
kirk: i film my shitting asshole , in my backyard no less and then, as if that wasnt enough, i put it on the internet.. but really what other use is there for footage like that?
Rita: that's right . . . that is ripe for YouTube
kirk: or YOUPORN.com
kirk: i saw a lady get a bucket of semen poured on her head on that site.
kirk: ANYWAY... have you seen Zodiac?

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