Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The funniest thing I have read in awhile

From probably the funniest blog I have had the pleasure to peruse:
The Blank Top Chronicles (stories of a taxi cab company phone operator):

GUY: I called for a cab like an hour ago and it's still not here.

ME: (looking it up in the computer) Well, we sent him almost as soon as you called. He must have picked up the wrong person.

GUY: But I asked you to call me when he was there!

ME: Well, sometimes the driver pulls up and somebody just hops in their cab. They assume that's their passenger and they take them.

GUY: I don't understand, you were supposed to call! Why didn't you?

ME: He didn't tell us he was there, so I didn't know to call you. He assumed the guy he saw was you, he didn't consult us.

GUY: Didn't he ask the name or anything?! Isn't the driver supposed to do that?

ME: Yes, they are. But sometimes they don't. I wish I had control over what they do. Hell, I wish I had omnipotent control of the entire human race. But I don't. Yet...

GUY: Well can you send another one? And actually call when he's there?

ME: I can try, but like I said, there are really no guarantees. Your best bet is to actually be physically there waiting for him.

GUY: You'd BETTER call, understand?

ME: Man you are SO going down when I have omnipotent control of the entire human race.

If you have good control of your bladder, read more here. Hell, even if you DON'T, read it anyway.

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