Thursday, April 19, 2007

Through the Looking Glass

Oh man, I love "Shear Genius".

Yep. I know what you are thinking. "Come on, ANOTHER reality show. Spare me your babble."

But this one is different. This one has hairstylists!

Very few people know this about me, but in my fantasy life, I AM a hairstylist. You know, that life you think you'd have if things had gone down a different path.

Yep, in my fantasy life, I am a kick-ass hairstylist, and I have my own shop, and a list of clients that let me do whatever I want to to their tresses.

And they all love me.

Fantasy Rita is also slightly younger. And thinner.


I do get to pretend I am a hairstylist a little bit. I mean, I cut my OWN hair. I have for years. I cut my husband's hair, and my kids' hair. I recently even cut my dog's hair. Hell, I'd cut YOUR hair, if you'd let me.

SO . . . Shear Genius lets me live vicariously through 12 kick ass hairstylists as they wrestle each other for the top spot. It's even hosted by Jacklyn Smith, the QUEEN of great hair.

(nicked from the site)

Shear Genius, airing Wednesdays on Bravo, is an eight-week competition with a Nexxus apprenticeship, an Allure magazine photo spread, and $100,000 in "seed money" at stake. The cast members include stylists from South Africa, France, the U.K., Australia (Tabatha) and throughout the United States.

THIS girl (Tabatha) is my favorite. She looks like she'd cut your hair AND beat your ass, to boot.

She's my choice to win, but honestly, they are all really good.

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