Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Bitch is Back

So . . . I have been sick for (no lie) nearly a month.

Not that anyone cares, but let me lay this out for you. About a month ago, my littlest kid came home with a sore throat, headache. I figured it was some kind of little bug that kindergarteners get, and that it would go away. When he was still sick 2 days later, I took him to the doc, and after wrestling him to the ground, the nurse was able to swab his throat and determine that he had strep throat. Bada bing, bada boom, we were out of there with a "Zpack", a 5 day regimen of antibiotic.

Kids are amazing. Within a day, the boy was back to his old self.

About 3 days after that, my sweet girl came home, same deal. This time, I didn't want 2 or 3 days. I used deductive reasoning. Kid 1 has strep, therefore Kid 2 has strep. We rolled up to the Minute Clinic inside the CVS, and before you could say "Snot!", we were again on our way with a "Zpack" for her.

Now, all this time, I was kind of dragging ass. My throat didnt hurt, but I was just not feeling like myself. At some point, it dawned on me that I, too, might be sick. About 2 or 3 days into my daughter's treatment cycle, I went to the Minute Clinic for me, and got swabbed.

No strep.

But, how could that be? By this time, I was running a fever, had a sore throat, all the rest. THis was on a Friday, and the nice Minute Clinic nurse said that she would send my test out to the lab for a longer test.

Well, the weekend came and went, and so did Monday. No call from the nice lady. I went to the CVS, and after calling the lab, the nice lady said that I did NOT have strep.

Wierd. But I was sick as hell.

I called my doctor, who couldnt see me for about 3 days. Cough, cough . . . I struggled through 3 days and saw him. After a quick swab of my throat, he said I DID have strep. Finally! I thought. Now, I can get a Zpack and get better.

Au contraire. Some bullshit about how the Zpack wasnt a good choice, blah blah. He gave me some older medicine, one that you had to take 3 times a day for 10 days.

Well, after 5 days of taking this shit, I was STILL sick. I called, I begged . . .he was immoveable. He said that I was just a "slow healer" and that I had to be patient and finish all the medication.

Well, I did. Cough, cough, and struggling through 5 MORE days of being sick. I took the last pill and was STILL sick as hell. This brings us to this past Monday. I was getting desperate, so by last night, I decided, to hell with it, I would go see the nice lady at the Minute Clinic again.

She remembered me, and was shocked that i was still sick. She was surprised that I had had strep after all, and after examining me, she said that I had bronchitis, nearly pneumonia, and maybe a sinus infection too.

I KNEW I was sick, damn it!

So . . . . she gave me the magic Zpack. I took 2 of the pills yesterday evening, and guess what? I feel like a FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS today.

I feel like going and spitting on my doctor. Bastard.

Yeah, the bitch is back. Watch out.

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