Thursday, October 6, 2005

In your FACE, Flanders!

The Simpsons references never end here at Diarya. But this one is well-supported.

I got a job.

And not just ANY job, either. I got a bonafide, permanent job. With a more than decent salary. AND vacation time. AND insurance. AND matching 401k money. AND an expense account to cover my office costs. AND I get to work from home.

All the time.

And the sweetest part is . . . I got snapped up by the sworn enemy and archnemesis of my last client, the nutty one, who didn't bother to have me sign anything prohibiting such a thing.

AND . . . Hubby bought a scratch off lottery ticket on a whim and won $100 last night.

Even though I don't have a damn thing to do, I told New Company that I was available to start on the 24th - a whole 2 weeks from now. 2 weeks of worry-free time off to have fun with the kiddos and relax and get ready for the new gig.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if I found myself standing outside of Nutty Client's HQ, grabbing my crotch, screaming "How do you like me NOW, bitches!?!? " I'll probably just settle for a drive by and a raspberry, but in my HEAD, I'll be totally calling them out.

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