Sunday, October 16, 2005

Halloween preparations

I dearly love Halloween. Even at 39, I still get all giddy at the prospect of trick or treating with the kids.

We got started on our preparations this weekend. The kids were out of school last Friday, and it was just perfect weather. We took off for one of those big, huge pumpkin patches with farm animals, corn mazes, all that stuff. Unfortunately, the website had failed to disclose that they close for about 3 hours mid-day for lunch, etc., so we were disappointed, to say the least. All was not lost, though. We ended up finding the most sincere pumpkin patch at a church near the house (definitely Linus-approved.) The selection was incredible, and the prices were unbelieveable. We were the only ones there. Each kid picked a HUGE pumpkin and I got a swan gourd and several beautiful ears of harvest corn (all colors) for about $30. It was a great day overall.

We continued the Halloween preparations yesterday morning with a trip to Michael's, where we got a little Haunted House gingerbread house kit. Hubby and I spent the morning making the batches of royal icing (black and orange), assembling the house (the trick is to use strategically placed straight pins until the royal icing has a chance to set like cement), piping all of the icing, and watching the kids have a ball decorating with lots and lots of candy. It was kind of a "one for me - one for the house" proposition.

It was messy, but it was fun!

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