Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Writer's Block


I have been checking the blog comments daily, but haven't had really anything to blog about lately. Ho-hum.

Saw Shrek II with the kids. I liked it as much as the first one, which is really saying something. Not a big fan of sequels in general, they usually disappoint, but this was the exception to the rule.

We arrived early for the 1:00 show, and got great seats about 10 minutes early. As 1:00 approached, I was trying to put the brakes on the kids - they had burned through about 1/2 of their popcorn and candy. Then the previews started - all 20 MINUTES OF THEM. Do the theater managers not realize that the audience is comprised of little people with the attention span of gnats? By the time the previews were over, my little one announced, "That was a good movie - we go home now!" It took a great deal of convincing to keep him seated - bribing him with my box of candy did the trick.

So, we are all easing into summer. This won't be one of those lazy, sleep in, go to the beach for a week summers. This will be a sweat your ass off, send the kids to grandma's while I work, no reprieve kind of summer, but that is what happens when you are laid off for the better part of the year. Got a lotta catching up to do, my friends, but we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope it isn't an oncoming train.

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