Sunday, June 27, 2004

Haikus for a Tranquil Sunday Morning

I was so surprised

To awaken on my own

The kids are away

No sound this morning

Just the scraping of my spoon

I love Cocoa Puffs

What to do today?

The whole world is my oyster

Until 5:30

I could watch TV

Or go to the pool alone

Swim laps in silence

Then I remember

All the laundry is waiting

The floors need mopping

I should exercise

My treadmill is so dusty

So are my Reeboks

I can still escape

And visit my friends online

While the washer churns

As nice as it is

To have a morning alone

I miss my kiddies

Their sticky kisses

They wake up so excited

To start a new day

My boy's a whirlwind

"Wake Up Sleepyhead!"

Yelled right in my ear

My girl is like me

Mornings are a little slow

She wakes with a smile

Thank God for my mom

That is where they are today

She gives me respite

Sometimes the best days

Are the ones you don't plan

Just go with the flow

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