Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey! Let me tell you about my kids! Part 1

I am so proud today I could bust!

I was called to a meeting at The Boy's school to discuss his progress with reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. The meeting was called primarily because his teacher last year recommended additional reading instruction.

See, last year was rough. The Boy's teacher was VERY pregnant when we went to Sneak A Peek, so I knew she wouldn't be around for most of the school year, and I was right. She took an early medical leave and an extended maternity leave, leaving my kid with a revolving door of substitute teachers (of varying quality.)

1st grade is a HUGE year. Little people learn alot that year. Well, they learn alot when they have stability and trust in their teacher. My kid had neither, so by year's end, he hadn't progressed as much with his reading as the school thought he should have.

Now, luckily for The Boy, he was born with a brain that naturally takes to math, so he didn't have THAT challenge, like alot of the other kids in his class did.

Fast forward to today. School has been in session for about 6 weeks now, and tests were readministered to get The Boy qualified for the extra help. Except, when they tested him, his test results were surprising. Amazing, really.

He is reading ABOVE grade level now, and his reading grades are very nearly as high as his incredibly high math grades.

There were several of us in the meeting (teachers, counselors, special ed coordinators) and they were each taken aback with his scores and all asked the same thing: "What did you do?"

I wish I had something great to tell them, but the truth is that The Boy spent alot of the summer riding his bike, swimming, and playing computer games and the Wii. Somewhere in there, his reading brain kicked into overdrive.

Hub swears that The Boy was able to read last year, too, but that he likely didn't test well because he didn't like the revolving door of teachers.

Whatever. I am ecstatic, and so proud of him. I mean, I have known he was a MATH genius from birth, but now, he's a reading rock star too!

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