Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey! Let me tell you about my kids! Part 2

Piece of good news #2 came to us via the US Mail last week. My sweet girl is attending public school virtually, via the Georgia Virtual Academy. We made this decision after struggling through public school last year.

(sigh) Public school. You know what? I think it's fine for the median, but if you have a kid that performs outside of the median, for better or for worse, in any fashion, you have a constant struggle on your hands.

Talk about struggle: My girl is a trooper. She has endured more than 11 years of public school education, and she is only 13. The system sucked her in at 2, because she was disabled, and it pretty much spit BOTH of us out last year, when I had finally grown weary of fighting for her rights, and for services that she is entitled to.

So, we looked at some options, and GVA seemed like a great one.

I had no idea what a good move it was going to be.

Miss Rachael has wonderful virtual teachers, and incredible curriculum at her fingertips. She has me to help her anytime she needs me, and she has the flexibility to do things in her time, her way.

She has absolutely excelled.

GVA administers tests just like the brick and mortar schools do, so I have been able to compare apples to apples, as far as her performance goes.

I was elated to receive her first test scores back last week. She scored ABOVE average for reading AND math. She has written papers that have received high marks, and every day, she completes online lessons with scores of 100%.

My kids - I am so happy for them both.

Yea us!

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