Thursday, April 20, 2006

I just bought a maid . . .

. . . for my shower.

Don't get pissy - I didn't take advantage of a poor immigrant. I'm just repeating verbatim the promises that were made to me whilst perusing bath and shower cleaners in the aisle of the CVS earlier today.

I had the displeasure of attempting to clean my master bath shower the other day. Not just a quick scrub and rinse, either . . . I had the shower curtains down, all manner of chemicals and scrubbers at the ready, and when I was done, the damn thing looked exactly the same as before I started. Stupid fiberglass piece of crap shower inserts!

Anyway, I was still grumbling about my failure as I was searching around at CVS for a new clear shower curtain liner when lo and behold . . . the sun shone and the birds sang, and my deliverance from the the hell known as shower stall cleaning appeared before me . . .

The Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner.

This thing promises to give me a sparkly clean shower within a week, and keep things sparkly forever and ever.

I grabbed the one and only starter pack off the shelves and gleefully drove home. When I hit the front door, I nearly sprinted to the master bath, assembled the thing, pushed the magic button, and listened with glee while it hosed my den of filth down with whatever magical poisonous elixir it emits to be able to make such huge promises.

After I caught my breath, I went to the fancy schmancy website, while popping 50% off jelly beans into my mouth (yeah, I got hooked on the damn things over Easter.) The Scrubbing Bubbles people have a cool little show for all of you non-believers:

The damn thing better work. Promises have been made.

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