Sunday, June 26, 2005

Separated at birth . . . or copyright infringement

I doubt there are few people as excited as me about the new Willy Wonka movie. Oompa-loompas aside (I have a "little" problem with dwarves in costume, especially clownish costumes), I loved the original movie.

I haven't really seen or heard much beyond the trailers for this new flick, but I have seen enough to know that Tim Burton HAD to have based Willy Wonka on THIS guy:

I mean, come ON . . . don't these two look eerily similar? Admittedly, Tim Burton is a wildly creative guy, but everyone has to get inspiration from SOMEWHERE.

I can't help but picture Tim surfing the web, sitting in some messy home office in his underwear, and stumbling on THIS guy's site . . . and voila! Willy Wonka is reborn!

You gotta love the original . . . ok, maybe you don't HAVE to, but you at LEAST have to give the guy some credit. Or some antispychotic medication.

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