Wednesday, June 8, 2005

And now for something completely different . . .

Just jotting things down here . . .

Latest funny kid stuff:
Scene: My bedroom, 7:00 am. Silence broken by small interloper, who scrambles up onto my bed, kneeing me a few times in the process.
4 year old: Knock Knock!
Half Asleep Me: (mumbling) who's there . . .
4YO: Feet!
HAM: . . . feet who?
4YO: Feet Dot Com! (dissolving into laughter)

4YO is having some issues with "summer camp" (just daycare, but hotter). Some of his schoolyear friends are gone for the summer, along with his beloved teacher. He was just getting used to things (he started 2 mornings a week back in March) and then summer hit. I know he needs to go to preschool - prekindergarten starts 5 days a week in the fall, so he needs to get used to being in a class with other kids.

Seeing him cry yesterday morning nearly killed me - he doesn't cry much, and is such an easygoing kid. When I went to pick him up, I peeked in, just to watch him for awhile. Some kids were drawing, some were playing with blocks, some with dolls . . . but he was alone, walking around the room, looking at pictures, staying to himself.

It's been this way for the past few weeks. I hate to say that he is shy like his dad, but I think he might have some of the same social anxiety that his dad does. Dad laments that 4YO isn't more like me, and I have always been thankful that he has his dad's quiet, logical presence.

My sweet girl, who has unfortunately worn her (aging) grandparents to a frazzle, is enjoying a 1/2 day crafting and games camp in our fair little city. Bless her heart, she has a tough time making friends, but she tries, she really does. Kids pick up the scent of anything different, or anyone that is a little different, and most kids her age wind up shying away or avoiding her. At this camp, kids from 5-12 are there, and she spent a good part of yesterday happily playing with 6 and 7 year olds who were more than happy to have a 9 year old in their playgroup. She approaches every day fresh and ready to keep trying. She always has, that girl. No matter what, no matter how hard, no matter who has been unkind, she is ready to try again. Quite a lesson there, I think.

I am praying it gets better, otherwise, I am ready to enact Plan B (sell the suburban paradise and cars, quit work, move into a hovel and homeschool the kids, relying on dried beans and government cheese for sustenance.)

And I'd do it, too.

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