Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hey, Rita! You survived 2008! Whatcha gonna do now?

We're going to Disney!

And we did.

It's just about impossible to adequately explain how much fun we had at Disney. The trip exceeded every expectation I had, and I can't tell you how fantastic it was to be able to enjoy it, walk the parks, ride the rides, and keep up with the kids. Hub and the kids were amazed that I was able to go and go and go and go.

Me too, actually. Before, I could only walk for short distances before my back and knees would scream with pain and I would be exhausted. I could have never, ever taken on this trip. Not in a million years. That's why we haven't gone before now.

Not to sound too dramatic, but it almost feels like I have been cured of a debilitating disease and have been granted my health back.

Now that I think about it that way, I guess that's EXACTLY what its like. Actually, its as though my FAMILY has received the cure. More than once, I heard "I'm so glad you had the surgery, Mom. It's made you new!"

It sure has.

On with the photos! They are right over there, on the right, in the Flickr thingy.

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