Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Must . . . have . . . these

Kidrobot released a series of Adult Swim-inspired mini figures this month.

I MUST have the Squidbillies figures. There is no compromise here

Unfortunately, the figures are "blind packaged", so you don't know what you get until you buy the box, get it home, and open the little foil wrapper inside

Not that I don't like Robot Chicken, or Harvey Birdman, or Aqua Teen Hunger Force, its just that I don't love them as much as Earley Cuyler, or Grandma, or Lil or Rusty. And I don't want to buy a set of 25 of the things at $8 bucks a pop to guarantee that I get all of the Squidbillies

EBay black market . . . here I come. And I'm bringing my wallet.

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