Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nice Sunday

Today was a pretty cool day, overall.

I slept in a little (which felt like a LOT, since Daylight Savings Time kicked in overnight.) It was waaay too late for breakfast, so today, on a VERY SPECIAL episode of A Day in the Life of Rita, I enjoyed a Sourdough burger at Hardees (!!!!!). Good Lord, that was phenomenal. Hub got a mint chocolate chip shake (way off HIS diet, but what the hell, special day, and he's already dropped over 60 lbs.) and I had a sip or two . . . heaven.

I actually had a bit of a quest; I wanted to find a new KB Homes/Martha Stewart subdivision that is going up near my house. I have been narrowing down my choices for new paint and furniture, and I needed some inspiration and guidance on colors and combinations, and who better to ask than the Queen herself, right? We did find the place, but it was in the early stages of development, so no luck on seeing a finished model.

BUT! As luck would have it, the subdivision was built very close to the biggest church I have ever seen in my entire life, flanked by one of the coolest playgrounds I have ever seen in my entire life. We pulled in and let the kids run amok. It was a perfect day for it; not too hot, not too cold, and not too crowded.

The BEST part was . . . there was a special swing there that seemed to be made just for my sweet girl. Sweet girl has always had trouble with swings. Swings take ALOT of dexterity, balance, and arm and leg strength, and all of those things challenge her.

Not today though.

This swing was like a large chair, with 4 chains, not two, and it was suspended high enough for her to sit in without her legs dragging the ground under her.

It was all I could do not to tear up when I saw the look of unbridled joy and bright sunshine on her face as she enjoyed this simple pleasure that most people take for granted. While other children ran all around, climbing, running, chasing, and screeching, my girl serenely swung for better than half an hour.

She's my swing set girl
She makes my heart sing
She's my swing set girl
I love to watch her swing

After the park, we headed north to the new Fry's. None of us had ever been, and this one just opened. Damn, that thing was nearly the size of a Sam's Club. I got a Bluetooth headset for my new Treo cellphone (I can't hear anyone on the damn thing by holding it up to my ear, for some reason). Hub didn't really get to wander the entire store, but we saw most of it. We bought kites, and batteries, and a little plug-in speaker for my iPod. We all ran for the rows and rows of bubblegum machines on the way out, too.

We wrapped the day by meeting our friend Judd and our friend Will for wings and pizza (again, special day, back to the program tomorrow).

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