Sunday, January 7, 2007

Freddie's dead . . .

. . . but I swear to God he is being channeled through THIS kid

Does no one else think that Gerard Way (the lead singer of My Chemical Romance) must be some kind of satanic love child of the late, great Freddie Mercury of Queen and Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan?

He sings alot like one, and looks alot like the other.

I caught the video for "Black Parade" this weekend, and there he was, all decked out in a marching band uniform. He even holds his microphone stand straight up in the air.

That's a straight up Queen move, right there.

Now, I'm not badmouthing My Chemical Romance.

Not at all.

It's sort of like Coke Zero. Do I like it? Yep.

Do I like it as much as REAL Coke? Nope.

But I can't have REAL Coke anymore.

I can't have Freddie Mercury anymore, either.

It's all about changing and moving on, people. But I STILL miss Freddie.

So, to recap: MCR, good.

Good as Freddie? Nope.

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