Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Addiction

For the most part, I haven't gotten swept up in the "reality show" craze. I am more of a makeover show person, although Extreme Home Makeover is a bit too dramatic for me.

I like watcing Changing Rooms and Debbie Travis' Facelift and Sell This House. I even like While You Were Out and In A Fix. I especially enjoy Life Laundry and Clean Sweep. Clean House is an also-ran, but I will sit and watch it anytime I catch it.

But they all pale in comparison to my new addiction: MTV's Trailer Fabulous.

This show has it ALL! Trailer parks, dramatic makeovers, funny schtick, exciting reveals, and did I mention trailer parks?

Brooks Buford, the rapper cum showhost who penned and cut the title song "Trailer Fabulous", is a crackup, formerly a crackhead, according to his bio. I believe his newest CD is titled "Straight outta Rehab", an homage to his departure from the rap duo Rehab. Drug addiction aside, this kid is funny. I predict that he will have a career that exceeds Trailer Fabulous, but hopefully, he will stick with this for awhile, cause it is a damn funny show.

Oh, and by the way, the trailer makeovers are stunning. Johnny Hardesty, the flaming designer, whips these trailers into a frenzy like a boa-feathered tornado. He reminds me a bit of Freddie Mercury, which is a plus. The landscaper is stereotypical Queens, ( not A Queen, that's Johnny). The interplay between the cast is fantastic.

If you haven't seen it, oh, you must. For the good of mankind, you simply must.

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