Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Thank Heaven for little girls . . . that look like little girls

I noticed a pretty interesting article today. Seems a little 11 year old girl wrote a letter to her local Nordstrom's asking them to please offer more modest clothing in their teen department. Hurrah, hope they follow through.

FInding appropriate clothing for my 8 year old is a constant struggle. Granted, she is quite a bit taller and larger than an average 8 year old; she is 4 feet 8 inches and 90 pounds. She already wears a women's size 5 shoe. I have grown friends that are only a couple inches taller and a few pounds heavier.

It is a nightmare to go into a store and find clothing for her. It is appalling, and I never thought that I would be so prudish about clothing, but even I am overwhelmed with the skimpiness of little girl's clothing. EVERYTHING is midriff baring, or ass-crack revealing, sequined, and downright gaudy. I think the current style is referred to as "prosti-tot" fashion. The mannequins look like advertisements for "barely legal" porn sites.

Another complicating factor in the clothing hunt: one of the effects of her CP is that she has very little hand strength. She really struggles with buttons and zippers. Because of this, most of her school wardrobe consists of sweatpants, T-shirts and slip on shoes because, frankly, those are easy to find, affordable, and she is able to redress herself in the little girl's room with not too much effort. But she longs for cute clothing.

She has tried on a few things that expose her plump little belly, and her modesty just simply won't allow her to wear them. Good for her - nothing wrong with modesty. But it is disheartening to have NO choices between Brittney Spears and sweatsuits.

Enter LandsEnd. The best girl's clothing manufacturer in the country, in my opinion. All of their fashions are tasteful, comfortable, colorful, tailored but not tight, available in every size, even plus sizes, and they fit her to a T. Now, she has pretty summer outfits that don't bind or shrink, and she can wear them comfortably. The shorts and skirts DO button and zip, but they also have a little bit of elastic in the back so that she can slip them on and off without struggling with the buttoning.

They also have beautiful, simple dresses made out of gorgeous striped and floral material. They wash and wear and wear and wear. I have never seen clothing resist fading as well as Lands End.

Sugar and spice . . . not Spice Girl

OH . . . and the clothes for boys are equally good. My boy has several pieces, and they are just as well-made as hers.

BEST OF ALL . . . they have a great clearance section of their website where you can catch end of season stuff for really cheap, and if you like, you can use your SEARS card to charge your purchase. You can even return Lands End pieces to a local Sears store for a refund.

Lands End. My newest favorite store. No malls, no Brittney Spears, no disappointments.

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